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If you want to monetise your valuable digital video content you’re just at the right spot.​ is a server-side ad insertion (Server-Si​deA​d​-​I​nsertion) cloud service for Video Platforms that can be used for linear, live event, and video on demand streaming across connected devices. It allows Video Platforms the flexibility to deliver monetised ad-funded programming to the best quality available while maintaining a TV-like experience. You can find general information at​. This explainer video​ provides you a comprehensive overview.​ sits between your Origin or Content CDN and the Client Player. It acts as a mediation service pulling your source stream manifest and creating a unique personalised streaming session.​ stitches your video content and ads into a single stream, independent of a HTML5 website or app, and removes the ad request and ad response process from the client-side player SDK. This reduces the likelihood of client-side errors and produces a seamless TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads.
With​ you can target individual ads for live-linear and video-on-demand programming, obtain multi-screen reach with broad device support, and take advantage of programmatic monetisation across all devices with our connected Ad-Servers and Supply-Side Platforms. This provides you more usage with better ad-viewing completion and higher return on ad-revenues due to precise targeting.​ provides you different ​service and pricing plans​. You can choose from a BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE PLAN. Please contact your Account Manager to learn which PLAN is most suitable for your business needs.
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