Welcome to serverside.ai

If you want to monetize your valuable digital video content you’re just at the right spot.

Serverside.ai​ is a server-side ad insertion (Server-Side Ad​ ​Insertion) cloud service for Video Platforms that can be used for linear, live event, and video on-demand streaming across connected devices. It allows Video Platforms the flexibility to deliver monetized ad-funded programming to the best quality available while maintaining a TV-like experience. You can find general information at serverside.ai​. This explainer video​ provides you with a comprehensive overview.

Serverside.ai​ sits between your Origin or Content CDN and the Client Player. It acts as a mediation service pulling your source stream manifest and creating a unique personalized streaming session. Serverside.ai​ stitches your video content and ads into a single stream, independent of an HTML5 website or app, and removes the ad request and ad response process from the client-side player SDK. This reduces the likelihood of client-side errors and produces a seamless TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads.

With Serverside.ai​ you can target individual ads for live-linear and video-on-demand programming, obtain multi-screen reach with broad device support, and take advantage of programmatic monetization across all devices with our connected Ad-Servers and Supply-Side Platforms. This provides you with more usage with better ad-viewing completion and higher return on ad revenues due to precise targeting.

Serverside.ai​ provides you with different ​service and pricing plans​. You can choose from a BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE PLAN. Please contact your Account Manager to learn which PLAN is most suitable for your business needs.

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