Create New Channel

Go to your channels page and click on the Add Channel button.

Section 1 - General Settings

At first you have to decide if the channel you want to add is of type VoD or Live.
Video on Demand (VoD) channels are build from one ore more contents. These are mostly clips, recordings or movies. You can provide a MRSS file on your manifest request to allow ad-insertion for different contents and specify the position of your ad-pods. For more details see:
Live channels are constant streams of media(audio/video) chunks. Usually these are tv channels or live events. Your stream has to be compliant to our stream specifications and needs to contain markers so we can detect when to insert personalised ads.
The Name and API-Key can be freely chosen. If no API-Key is provided we will use a random key.

Section 2 - Specify Source

Depending on the type of stream you selected (VoD or Live) we expect different types of sources.
We are working hard to provide support for all varieties of sources. Nevertheless it is possible that you are using a source that is currently not supported by Please have a look at our source specifications to get more information.
After you entered your source URL click the Analyse button so we can gather the encoding and packaging format from your source. If you skip this step you will not be able to save your channel.
Please don't hesitate to contact our support in case you discover any issues while analysing your source.

Section 3 - Profile

This section will appear after the analysing for your source is done. It is meant to perform advanced detailed adjustments to the encoding and packaging settings. In 99% of the cases you can simple leave everything as it was analysed by and skip this section.
Profile settings

Section 4 - Ad Server

If you do not have an ad server configured already or do not have the exact settings at hand currently please leave everything as is to use the default Equativ ad server. You can change these settings at any point of time later on.
Ad Server Configuration
You will receive an Ad Server URL after you finished setting up an account at Equativ, SpotX, FreeWheel, Google or another ad-server.
If your ad server is not yet in the list of supported ad-servers contact our support team to add the ad-server of your choice to the list.
Depending on the ad-server you select default settings will be loaded to the Ad Source Parameters editor.
These settings have two purposes:
  • This setting act as defaults that are added to every request to the ad-server as long as there are no specific options transferred by the client. This applies for all settings that can be set on the client side:
  • You can also add settings that cannot be changed by a client. This settings are used to configure the ad-server connection.

Section 5 - Preroll (only Live)

A Preroll will be displayed before a live stream starts to play.
You can specify how many ads are displayed and how long the preroll will run.
If you desire to use a different ad server for your Prerolls you can use the Use dedicated ad-server toggle. Follow the instructions of section 4 to set it up.
If you want to add a Preroll to VoD channels define a ad break at position 0 seconds of your content in your MRSS.

Section 6 - Ad Slate (only Live)

If the ads that are returned from the ad-server are in summary not exactly in the length of the ad-break there will be a gap until the program continues. To prevent the stream from switching back into the rest of the original ads we introduced a concept called ad slates.
The ad slate will fill up the missing seconds to make the transition between ad block and program seamlessly again.
Example: If you have a 40 second pod for ads but there are only ads of the size of 30 seconds on the ad-server.
Ad Slates
If you do not have an ad-slate in place yet you can choose the default and change it later.
After selecting or uploading an ad slate an encoding and packaging job will start to run. Please stay on this page and wait until it has finished (usually within 1-2 minutes). Otherwise the encoded asset will not be assigned as ad slate to the content.
Ad slates should have the format "mp4" that we expect to receive from the ad servers as well.

Enable and Play Channel

After saving the channel it is not yet enabled.
In the list view you can activate your channel by clicking the toggle button in the actions section.
Channel list view
To test the playback of the channel we provide an example player available via the play icon in the Actions section. It allows you to see and compare your source and output.
It is important to understand that ad insertion will not work for the first ad block. We need to download all ads at first from the ad server, encode and package it in the same formats as your channel and make them available on a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Depending on the amount of ads that are available on your ad server that can take some time.
For testing we highly recommend that you choose our example ad-server with only few ads that will quickly be conditioned for your channel by
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