Playlist size for LIVE


This article provides a detailed explanation of the Playlist size (also known as DVR-Window) feature, purpose, usage and configuration. This feature can be used complementary to the Timeshift/Startover and as well as standalone.

How it works create for every new request a dedicated playlist for each session. Based on the channel configuration, the playlist size will be provided accordingly. With the additional configuration parameter of Growing Playlist, the behaviour of the playlist could be even more controlled.

Setup and configuration

The Playlist size is a channel specific configuration for HLS and DASH live, and configured in seconds. The maximum is limited to 1h (3600sec.) by the administration UI. Please get in contact if a longer period of 1h is required. By default, a value of 0 will read the content source playlist during the channel creation process and provide the server side output accordingly. With the enablement of Growing Playlist, the output will increase over the playlist time until the maximum is reached.
Any value higher than the source playlist size require a correspoding availablity of the source content stream manifest.