Prepare content source

The service follows all standards and specifications for the best stream and user experience. It is strongly recommended to follow the standards for the source stream/content creation.

Basic requirements

The manifest (VoD or LIVE) must satisfy the following requirements

  • Manifest (.m3u8 for HLS and .mpd for MPEG-DASH) must be accessible on the public internet via the origin (PULL method).

  • The endpoint/origin must be accessible without any authentication method and...

  • ...must deliver the stream (manifest, submanifest and segments) via HTTPS.

  • Source (HLS and DASH segments) can be hosted in your own infrastructure and be CDN (Content Delivery Network like Akamai) enabled.

  • The ssai service will only request the manifest file and the player will request the segments from the origin.

Configure your packager/origin server to produce manifests for HLS or DASH that are compatible with the specific requirements.

  • Codec and profile (resolution, profile, fps, bitrate, etc.) should be consistent for each content in a given channel (Live)/playlist (VoD).

  • The GOP size, also known as keyframe interval or keyframe rate must be at 1.92 sec. (for 25fps and 48kHz audio) to ensure the best compatibility and aligned audio and video segments.

  • For LIVE the ad marker must be present as SCTE35 inline marker keeping as information the CUE-Out and duration of the break.

  • Ensure, that the source origin/server set the HTTP Access-Controll Header as shown:

    • Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

    • Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: *

    • Access-Control-Allow-Methods: *

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