Getting Started

Get started with is a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service of Nowtilus. The solution sits between your own components such as a Video CMS, TV Headend and OTT Processing on the one side and Content CDN, SSP (Ad Server) and client Video Player on the other side. It mediates the stitching and streaming of ads into the content. VAST connectors to SSPs are available for SpotX, Google Ad Manager, and other Ad-Servers.

  1. When requested by the Video-Player, processes all targeted information from the stream request and creates an individualized media stream for each viewer to get different ads.

  2. What formerly was done on the client-side SDK takes place now on the server side. Our services communicate with an ad-decision server, which decides what to serve each particular viewer, based on information such as viewing history, demographics, and geographical location.

  3. takes the manifest that points to ad segments and the manifest that points to content segments and creates a new manifest that points to them both.

  4. then delivers a personalized manifest for every single viewer. Digital Ads are frame-accurate inserted, which provides a consistent and flawless experience across all devices.

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