The following FAQs shall help stakeholder involved in an SSAI setup to define all requirements and successfully launch an ad-insertion deployment with Nowtilus. While not all questions below have a direct impact on the technical feasibility to do server-side ad-insertion they are relevant to understand and adapt the underlying over-the-top (OTT) acquisition and streaming workflow for live-linear e.g. to ensure ad-markers are inserted.

FAQ to Broadcasters

  1. Q: What kind of programs do you broadcast? (e.g. live sports events, movies and fictional shows, special Interests, niche themes, other)

  2. Q: Do you provide large audiences that are associated with live sports and event television?

  3. Q: What is your current ratio between program and ad on an average, daily, and hourly basis?

  4. Q: Do you have any legal restrictions supporting the ad-replacement of your programs when distributed OTT?

  5. Q: What are the market share, average viewers, and peak viewers of your program in your home territory?

  6. Q: Do you stream your program today already in an OTT setup (e.g. to iOS, Android mobile devices)?

  7. Q: What is the reach of your programs via OTT live streaming (average and peak viewers)?

  8. Are your source feeds DRM encrypted? If so, which encryption is used?

  9. Do you also offer Catchup TV and DVR of your programs? If so, is ad-insertion intended to support?

  10. Q: Do you have exclusive ad-serving deals with Sell-Side Platforms (SSP) or do you have your own technical ad server?

  11. Q: Where are your broadcast feeds available for acquisition? Are direct IP feeds available at your own location or at a 3rd party TV headend?

  12. Q: Do you require DRM protection of your live-linear channels and VOD catchup content if distributed and streamed OTT?

  13. Q: Do you provide SCTE35 ad markers for signaling ad breaks in your broadcast feed?

  14. Q: If no SCTE35 is provided in your source feeds, are there alternative ad-signaling methods you do support and can make available to Nowtilus as a 3rd party ad-insertion vendor?

  15. Q: Would you allow and enable complete ad blocks for ad-replacement or just dedicated ad-pods within an ad break?

  16. Q: Do you have any limitations in terms of lengths of advertising breaks in your programs?

  17. Q: Do you have a POIS system we need to interface with to provide ad-insertion allowances for certain campaigns?

  18. Q: Once in BAU operations (“business as usual”) Can you provide source assets of ad campaigns that you are broadcasting currently? Note: Reference assets of ad campaigns can be utilized by our ad-recognition service to determine whether ads are enabled/disabled for ad replacement.

FAQ to Service-Providers / TV Platform Operator

  1. Q: Do you plan to support ad targeting?

  2. Q: Do you have an existing Ad-Serving / Sell-Side Platform in place to serve ad campaigns into your content inventory?

  3. Q: Do you require DRM protection of your live-linear and VOD catchup content if distributed and streamed OTT?

  4. Q: Do you have a Data Management Platform and Customer Data Platform in place? This is required to enable ad-targeting and programmatic advertising. It is necessary to make decisions on individual impressions, based on audience and/or optimization goals, respectively audience targeting or segmentation.

  5. Q: Where do you acquire your linear TV feeds today?

  6. Q: Are the TV feeds of the channels you distribute available in MPEG.TS / SPTS or already in HLS and DASH ABR format?

  7. Q: Do you manage your live-streaming pipe (encoding, packaging, origin, CDN) today in-house with 3rd party components or did you outsource as a managed service? Please provide details of your workflow pipeline today!

  8. Q: Which streaming formats are required (DASH, HLS)?

  9. Q: Do you plan to do ad replacement in live-linear streams and/or ad-stitching in VOD catchup content? Please describe your intended use cases in detail!

  10. Q: Do your broadcast partners provide SCTE35 ad-signaling in their linear TV feeds?

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