Request SSAI enabled stream

HLS Live

The manifest URL and its parameters have the following schema: https://$DOMAIN/hls/$CHAN_ID/master.m3u8?api-key=$API_KEY&ifa=$IFA&context=$CONTEXT&player_width=$WIDTH&player_height=$HEIGHT&regs[gdpr]=$GDPR&user[consent]=$CONSENT

Explanation, the dollar-uppercase strings are placeholders for:

  • $DOMAIN - self-explanatory

  • $CHAN_ID - as configured in our channel management tool

  • $API_KEY - as configured in our channel management tool

  • $IFA - a unique identifier for each client that is sent to the SSP

  • $CONTEXT - can be either „web“ or „app“ — without the quotes

  • $WIDTH - a number for resolution width

  • $HEIGHT - a number for resolution height

  • $GDPR - 0 (no) or 1 (yes)

  • $CONSENT - 0 (no), 1 (yes), 2 (legitimate interest), or Full IAB consent string

To get more information read the manifests-request and ad-server configuration section.

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