Your System Requirements

Before you incorporate SERVERSIDE.AI into your video business, you should ensure that the following systems, technologies, and device/platform have already been established. While you may be using some of these already for your traditional video advertising, others are unique to SSAI and require additional implementation.
The following systems should already be established:
  • Ad Server and Supply-Side-Platform:​ ​The advertising service that manages your video inventory and campaigns.
  • Content delivery network (CDN):​ The origin server for all of your digital content, with HLS and/or DASH URL outputs.
  • Content management system (CMS):​ Maintains metadata for your digital video content and provides an MRSS feed output. A CMS is only required for video on demand.
After you created your company and user in you will get demonstration channels that have the above systems already. You can start this way without having all systems setup in the first place.

Your Requirements Checklist

Whether you are implementing ads for live linear or video on demand, all SSAI solutions require the below. Once these are completed our Account Manager supports your SSAI Channel configuration with you::
  • Existing Ad-Servers and Supply-Side Platform(s)
  • Device/platform footprints
  • Digital Rights Management installed (if your content is encrypted)
In addition, here are the requirements for each specific type: ​Specific live linear requirements
Specific video on demand requirements
  • Encoder/transcoder, and packager installed
  • Conent video specs are aligned
  • mRSS feed ready for review
Onboarding Checklist
Please review and fill-in this​ ​SSAI Onboarding Checklist​ to be prepared for SERVERSIDE.AI setup process.