Version 2.0.6.x

v2.0.6.0 - 2020-03-11


NEM-326 New User Role - Editor

Added a new user role "Editor". Editors can administrate channels but not see or change users or account settings.

NEM-423 Create Ad-Slate on tenant creation

After a new tenant registers at the portal, there will be a default ad-slate that can be selected to make it easier to create the first live channel.

NEM-201 UI: Table Headlines

Table headlines now can be defined dedicated for every table and do not use the internal data structure names any more

NEM-367 Notifications move to archived after 3 days automatically

All newly created notifications will move automatically to archived after 3 days. Otherwise there will be a overwhelming amount of notifications shortly.

NEM-437 Security-Test the System

A internal security audit was performed. The resulting findings will be part of the upcoming releases.

NEM-237 Ensure preconditions on startup (REDIS, mongo)

On system start we now test for all external dependencies to be available to make debugging easier.

NEM-482 AMS workaround for re-directed URLs

If ads where returned by the ad-server that lead to a redirect they could not be encoded with Azure Media Services. To mitigate the issue all media files for Azure Media Services processing are now stored on a intermediate storage before processing.

NEM-482 Google ad manager (GAM) as a new ad server added

The system now supports an additional Ad-Server: Google Ad Manager (GAM)


NEM-351 Remove Landing Page

NEM-459 VoD-Stack: On production every new Ad-Conditioning request creates a new job

NEM-453 Channel Synchroniser / Notifications archiver started multiple times