Create Account

  1. Visit and register your company required fields: Company name, your email address and password, and accept the terms and conditions.

  2. Check your email inbox (as well as the SPAM-folder) and confirm the account by following the provided link.

  • The creation of an SSAI account is self-managed and the first month is free of charge.

  • If you are the first registered user of your company, you will automatically get set up as admin of your account and can invite other members (/Settings/User - Invite Member).

  • If your company is already registered, your admin will get a notification to add your account/login correspondingly.

Manage Subscription

After the account for your company was created it will automatically be assigned to the trial tier which expires after one month. Go to to manage your subscription settings.

You can always update to the BASIC tier using your credit card data or switch to the PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE tier by contacting our support team.

Invite User

To add additional users to your company account go to and click the Invite Users button. You can now enter the email address of the person you want to add.

Navigate to the detail page of the newly created user to change the users' role:


Access to


Can view the reports and customize a dashboard to get insights into the channel and ad-campaign performance metrics.


Has the same access as the Viewer and can edit channels as well as assets.


Has the same access as the Editor and can manage the subscriptions as well as users.


There are two kinds of notifications:

  • System-Notifications: This is general information about your account. It includes the notifications of newly registered users and new releases all Admin users receive.

  • Custom-Notifications: If you are interested in additional notifications e.g. about failed jobs, you can subscribe to those events in the user's details:

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