Version 2.0.7.x

v2.0.7.0 - 2020-04-28


NEM-297/ NEM-481 - Stream Monitor

In the channel overview we now provide the option to enable monitoring to a channel. This will start a backend process that is constantly fetching the source and output channel and checks if ads get inserted.

NEM-241 - Custom CDN configuration

For Enterprise and Professional we now provide the option to use a custom CDN by moving the encoded and packaged advertisements to a CDN. This can happen via FTP, Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 and other storages. The setup will be done by the support team.

NEM-414/ FH-69 - Rre-Roll for HLS live

For HLS Live channels a preroll can be configured to show advertisements before the stream is being displayed

NEM-458 - Channel Assets Concurrency

To prevent the parallel encoding and packaging of advertisements that are requested at exactly the same time (within 3-10 milliseconds) a Redis based mutex now blocks the second request.

NEM-486 - Capture media duration

After a packaging job has run the duration of the output media is now saved.

NEM-506 - Support audio AACL 128 in manifests

NEM-534 - DASH manifest with Segment Timeline

Changed the ads to be always encoded as timeline instead of template.

FH-114 Add GAM custom parameters &cust_params= to client request

The Google Ad Manager implementation now forwards all custom parameters from the client to the ad-server.

FH-103 - Support USP HLS w/ SCTE35 marker

Streams produced by the unified streaming packager have a different schema to signal ad-marker than usual which is now supported.
## splice_insert(auto_return)
#EXTINF:4.4845, no desc
#EXTINF:2.9954, no desc
#EXTINF:4.6845, no desc


NEM-439 - Channels page AD-Slates jobs handling

NEM-487 - Changed channel player from video.js to hls.js to fix playback issues

NEM-525 - UI bugs when changing the encoding system in the frontend

NEM-535 - Fix: Channel-Synchroniser not running reliably

FH-102 Rate limit issue for too many concurrent ads

The management platform was overwhelmed by to many concurrent ad-request. As a mitigation responses are cached in the worker component for one minute.