Introduction to the API


The documentation assumes that you are familiar with a basic understanding of API interaction, OTT video processing, and video advertisement.


All access is protected with a customer-specific API Key, which is initially generated from within the application (Settings/Account). Be sure to save this key securely! It can be changed in the app, but never shown, as we only transmit and store an encrypted version.

Please copy the API-Key right after the creation and store it in a safe place.

Rate Limiting

The default limit of requests per minute is 200. This limit applies to the whole company.

If multiple users use the System those requests are taken into account as well as the requests via the REST API.

The HTTP header contains all information needed to throttle your request rate.

Example Response-Header:


The rate-limit applies only on the configuration part and doesn't affect the Live and VoD delivery.

Please contact support to request an increase in the limit for your company.

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