Ad Media - Origin integration

The serverside encoding workflow offers the capability to seamlessly transfer ad media via AWS S3 and Azure Blob services to the customer's origin.

AzureBlobStorage Access

  • Azure storage key for access blob in [storageKey]
  • Azure storage container name in [container]
  • Azure blob name for storing the intermediate and streaming files in [storageAccount]
  • CDN delivery URL in [baseurl]

Amazon s3 Access

  • Access Key ID in [accessKey]
  • Path in [rootPath]
  • Timeout in [timeout]
  • Location in [region]
  • AWS s3 Server in [awsBaseURL]
  • CDN delivery URL in [Bucket]
  • Secret Access Key in [secretAccessKey]

FTP Access

  • CDN delivery URL in [baseURL]
  • Endpoint in [ftpHost]
  • Port in [ftpPort]
  • FTP user in [ftpUser]
  • Password in [ftpPassword]