Packaging specification

The packaging specification applies to SSAI Live and VoD content, unless there are specific notifications to be considered.


  • The container format must be ISOBMFF fMP4 .m4s (MIME-type: video/iso.segment)with multiple video segments.

  • The filename extension must be .mpd

  • The segment duration should be 1.92sec. (see GOP-size) and the audio and video segments must be aligned.

  • DASH must be for LIVE single period segment timeline urn:mpeg:dash:profile:isoff-live:2011

  • For VoD segment timeline and/or segment template urn:mpeg:dash:profile:isoff-live:2011

  • MIME type: application/dash+xml


  • For HLS the container format could be .ts (MIME-type: video/mp2t orbinary/octet-stream)or .mp4 (content-type: video/mp4).

  • The filename extension must be .m3u8 (MIME-type application/x-mpegURL or

  • The audio track can be muxed within every rendition. Audio groups are supported as well.

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