Ad-Marker Specifications

For server-side ad-insertion LIVE and VoD there are different method required.

Target ad breaks with SCTE-35 signals

SCTE-104 information are injected in an SDI signal during the playout of a TV program or live-event and cut the content, using cue-out and cue-in to make room for the ad breaks. Downstream, when transcoding/encoding into MPEG-TS this information is transformed into SCTE-35 signals and transformed again during the packaging as Inline Events in DASH and HLS manifest.
These events allows an ad response to tell when to switch content so it can deliver an ad. If there are no monetisation opportunities, continues to deliver the content segments. supports broadcast standard SCTE-35 signals for Dynamic Ad Insertion on live stream content. This allows you to use metadata from SCTE-35 markers to perform break-level ad targeting (for example, the first break in live sporting event)​.
Please find detailed information in our open documentation: