Information about the various report options available through the API.


Every setup comes with a set of built in reports, that are described in this section. Other reports can be created - please contact our Professional Services division.

Key concepts

There are several key concepts that are to be understood in order to work with the reports API.


A instance can have various systems. Generally, these are links to external APIs or applications, which extend the functionality of in various ways, e.g. providing encoding or storage or the ad-stitching itself. The systems concept provides also settings, which enable you to flexibly describe any parameters needed to connect and operate each external application.
Each system is uniquely identified by an id(UUID), and the system api routes enable you to inspect them.
Two systems are installed by default, and we will use these as examples here.
  • ams - Azure Media Services
  • ssai - Serverside AI


Reports belong to a particular system, and show statistical information about that system. e.g. for AMS - "Encoding Jobs", "Encoding Minutes". For SSAI, reports include "Impressions per Ad", "Audience Share", "Viewing Time". Reports are generally shown in the front end as preconfigured charts of various types, and it is also possible to download the data used to generate the charts from there.
For more programmatic control, there is the Reports API descibed here. This enables parameters to be set exactly as required, such as start and end times, sampling interval etc.
In order to fetch a report, you will need to know
  • the system id
  • the report id
  • your API key